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As the Global market becomes more attractive and demanding, more and more businesses are looking to international sales as a way to increase profits. However, exporting is not the private domain of large, multinational companies. On the contrary, some of the fastest international business growth in recent years has been within the so-called small to midsize industry sectors.

Global entrepreneurship starts with research and planning. Product suitability for foreign markets, selection of target markets, channels of distribution, competitive analysis and pricing represent but a few of the many topics that go together in the creation of an effective strategic plan for international marketing and operations.

Foreign companies entering the United States economy, for example, must quickly organize their planning around the numerous regional American markets. The issues are similar for U.S. companies seeking new foreign markets, e.g., recognition of the conditions that control different regional markets and a comprehensive understanding of each target market.

To assist our U.S. and foreign clients in their plans to enter, or expand, new markets we offer customized, in-house company programs and group seminars.

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Typical topics might include:
• Assessing international market potential
• How to conduct effective market research
• Channels of distribution
• Market segmentation and client profiling
• Selection of agents or distributors
• Effective use of foreign trade shows in marketing
• Strategic alliances in foreign operations

International business workshops can be an effective element of any plan for foreign operations. Let us work with you and design one specific to the needs of your company.

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Representational Seminars Topics & Clients:
• Africa And The Caribbean: Sustainable Energy Markets
• Business & Cultural Awareness: Japan/Indonesia Joint Venture
• Business Awareness For The China Market
• Business Awareness Planning: Singapore & ASEAN
• Channels Of Distribution In The U.S. Market
• Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations For Indonesia
• Cultural & Business Briefing For China Operations
• Current Effectiveness And Future Outlook of NAFTA
• Developing An International Marketing Plan
• Developing The Export Plan: A Program For Small Business
• Developing The International Business Plan
• Export Market Planning For Minority-Owned Companies
• Export Marketing: Generating Jobs For Americans
• Global Market Overview & Strategy For Corporate Management
• Growth Opportunities In South East Asia
• International Strategic Planning
• Internationalizing the Market Curriculum - A Practitioners View
• NAFTA And The Texas Economy
• Negotiating With The Chinese
• Pacific Rim: Texas Trade Opportunities
• Pan European Call Centers
• Politics Of Doing Business In India
• Position Of The European Union In The Global Market
• Preparing For International Trade Shows
• Project Management Skills For Indonesia
• Texas-Swedish Trade & Investment Opportunities
• The Northern Mexico Market
• The South East Asia Market
• Using Culture As A Strategic Marketing Tool

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Representative Clients by Industry Sectors:
• City and state (Texas) Economic Development Agencies
• Foreign Government Agencies
• Foreign Universities
• International Chambers Of Commerce
• International Oil Companies
• National Oil Companies, U.S.
• Private Companies, U.S. & Foreign
• Public Companies, U.S.
• U.S. Government Agencies
• U.S. Universities

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