A Project Management Approach
Pacific Rim Market Feasibility Study
Pan-European Call Center Study
Marketing Analysis Worldwide Operations
Site Selection Feasibility Study

A Project Management Approach:
Each project at our company is client specific. Market requirements are defined with growth potential and operational strategy as joint goals, working with the client in a project team structure. By taking a project management approach to global business issues, we are able to guide projects to meet the international operational needs of each client.

Pacific Rim Market Feasibility Study:

Major U.S. based manufacturer of industrial manufacturing tools with worldwide markets in automotive, aircraft, power generation and process plant industries.

Evaluation of existing sales and marketing operations in Southeast Asia for market expansion via manufacturing alliances within the ASEAN trade block (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) counties

Key Project Components:
• Market expansion
• Industry segmentation
• Channels of distribution
• Trade barriers and trade block advantages
• Strategic alliances and joint venture partner

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Pan-European Call Center study:

European government (regional economic development agency).

Feasibility study for establishment of a Pan-European call center in a particular economic region for purposes of creating new jobs while attracting new domestic and foreign direct investment.

Key Study Components:
• Industry image and perception
• Niche service industry marketing
• Foreign direct investment
• Training and education
• Marketing of location and services

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Marketing Analysis & Worldwide Operations:

American engineering and standards association, providing certification and training services to over 15,000 members in 80 countries.

To develop an international marketing strategy and implementation plan for expanding sales to existing and new worldwide client base.

Key Study Components:
• Client and market profiling
• Market expansion strategy and segmentation
• Price promotion and strategy
• Brand positioning
• Strategic expansion via licensing and franchising

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Site-Selection Feasibility Study:

European client operating in the packaging industry with established clients Êin the European Union and entry level sales in the United States market. Project: Study for strategic expansion of production facilities into a more centrally located U.S. site to gain market share while enhancing operating efficiency.

Key Study Components:
• Site selection research
• Central US location for distribution
• Expansion of U.S. client and supplier base
• Relocation and operational strategy
• Supply chain strategic alliances

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